03 May, 2021


Shadows had gone wild in an empty silence of a dreamless night,
in a wakeful, weeping dark all was out of sight,
I was burning with the desire to erase all cold distance,
and something within got arrested and was facing bereavement.

In a boundless vacuum of discordance
I could not but look on how all is falling apart,
visualizing that sweet something
which my heart would not kiss goodbye.

At last, thoughts had stopped in their ceaseless flow,
my sleepy eyes, full of the night, refused the dawn,
and life, the well of dreams, embedded in a miraculous sphere,
opened my heart, made timid the pain stabbing at it and let it part.

Saluting life, I dared to tread
the crooked stony roads that lead back to an old prophet's age, 
to the arrested facing death,
it had fallen to oblivion -- I found the pages blank.

At last, my psyché went through deliverance,
the fear, it was once engulfed with, was no longer mine;
instantly, the door was flung open -- the truth was bare.

Deliverance © Ladanseuse

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