20 November, 2023

The Platan

 Almighty gardian of Infinity,
you have rooted me in the reality of worlds;
connected with the Earth, I am outreaching towards the heavens,
with my arms outstretched to Entirety;
touching my dreams,
I evanesce into thaumaturgic dimensions.

The Platan © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Platan" dated 20. 11. 2023,
based on the Czech concept of 5. 10. 2023, writ. during Authentic Movement at R. M.'s, edited & published on 19. 11. 2023

19 November, 2023


As I traipse through the landscape of the Uknown,
feeling my way, not knowing where to go,
I am weighing my steps with care,
shivering with disquiet.

Whoever, whatever it is that is blocking my path,
there is a sense of cold, a sense of warmth;
contours are vanishing, noisy echoes filling the space.

I have been surrounded
by the expanse of Endlessness,
an expanse unbounded.

Fleeing is a touch;
my body has gone missing
and my soul has merged with Immensity.

Wayfinding © Ladanseuse

English translation of "Tápání" dated 19. 11. 2023,
based on the Czech concept, dated 21. 9. 2023, writ. during Authentic Movement at R. M.'s, edited and published on 17. 11. 2023

15 November, 2023

This Naked Lullaby

Aerated by a loving breath I am,–
feeling my soles rested upon a cushiony moss,
my soma afloat in a void,
a caressing, slightly cooling touch.

In your palms' bassinet my skin is being laid;
enclasped in safety I wish to dwell,
deliquesce in Immensity,
forever feeling Acceptance.

My heart
with melody resounds,
my soul
with peace is inspired.

this naked lullaby.

This Naked Lullaby © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Ukolébavka nahá" dated 15. 11. 2023,
based on the Czecch concept of 31. 5. 2023, writ. Tělesnění at R. M.'s,
edited, published on 15. 11. 2023

26 January, 2023


 Home is found
where my heart pounds;
and all that's settled in my bosom
is at home.
Albeit in an altered attire,
even with a change of scenery,
or if the sea of time passes by,
the same heart throbs at the core.
The eternal essence in a changeable form,
wine will be wine,
be it in this or that flagon,
retaining its sweetness.
Constant © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Konstanta"

23 January, 2023

Amber Butterfly

 I'm not a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis,
but a Monarch ensnared in amber resin;
a butterfly that's to have spread its wings,
risen up to the welkin longingly,
but got lodged in a golden dream.
Laid to rest eternally in a warming womb,
it tastes like honey, soft to touch it is,
turned to tinder by a spark easily,
eternalized in its beauty,
with its wings concealed.
Captive to amber,
like a stone within a stone,
in a motionless slumber
lies a tiny butterflied form,
its spirit
permeated by eternity,
dwelling in luminosity.
A flutter of butterfly wings
in flickering flashes of light
through the smoothness of glassy facets
is seen by the one
who's a fate-stricken star-gazer
with metamorphic visions.
Amber Butterfly © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Jantarový motýl" dated 23. 1. 2023, 
based on the Czech concept of 1. 11. 2O22 finalized on 23. 1. 2023

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