05 April, 2022

A Merge with Eternity

If you can
whence stems a dread
of dark shadowiness 
amidst a sunlit day,
then you comprehend
why in the heart
ceaseless unease can dwell.

If you can
the essence of life
before you deplete it completely,
then you learn
of whence we came,
the source of our fragility.

If you believe
in the existence of reliables,
then tell me
what it is supposed to be
when each moment passes.

If you say,
only that which prevails, matters –
is it in seach of a safe guarantee
that is trustworthy?
Or, your attachment to it
renders you wishful it would last for eternity?

Where find certainty?
All is at risk –
each step taken on your path
can be fatal,
but not to go on
means to reject life,
which life won't accept.

And so you know
there is no way of relinquishment
and keep this senseless battle on,
hurting as you sense it's in vain.

Certain instants
belong to silence
in the time
when retreat means your victory,
open your heart,
there exist moments 
wedded to eternity.

A Merge with Eternity © Ladanseuse
Original text undated; edited, translated into Czech, and published bilingually on 5. 4. 2022

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