26 April, 2022

Gushes of Tears from Your Deep

 A breeze – you are – my face is fanned by;
a high tide – which off my footsteps wipe;
a plume – tickling me in my palm;
a foam – gently caressing my soul;
the voice of yours – murmuring – charms.

Here – you are – my second half – close to touch;
breath – rushed from your lungs – has enveloped me mistily;
the sapphire – of your eyes – has fluidly penetrated me;
my bosom – by peace of your heart – has been swollen
in the ardent embrace of the sun.

An ocean – you are – quietly on the flow,
engulfing – my whole being – in emotion
and then – submerged in waves – the ocean ebbs far off,
beyond reach – not a drop to be hold of.

The open arms – of a tranquil lake – I dream of,
to go down – below its waterline,
getting drunk with tenderness, getting drowned in love,
only – to dwell – in your depth.

Gushes – of tears – from your deep
only – do I aspire – to wipe dry,
drowning – I am – your solid ground.

Gushes of Tears from Your Deep © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Slzy prýštící z hlubiny Tvé", dated 25. 4. 2022, edited on 17. 1. 2023

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