30 April, 2021

IV. Lovely Angel of Mine

Lovely angel of mine, wake up from a dream,
gain wisdom before going to sleep;
you fiery flame, you sandy imprint, you are a little mystery yourself...
You are a creator, you are a creator, you are a creator!
Play it, sing it, paint it, dance it, engrave it in stone
– win the race 
little angel, you will stay forever,
forever you will be mine.
Never will I tie you down, don't you ever tie me down.
And I feel love, knowing that you understand me.
As I stand, I feel; I feel that you are... far away – but you cannot be nearer.
What is space? 
We cannot be bound, imprisoned and stopped. 
We are free to go...
But I will return, I will always return,
unable to tear myself away from my fragment, my part,
not in my life  and what comes afterward?

Lovely Angel of Mine © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Krásný můj anděli", written on 7. 4. 2006

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III. A Treasure Trove of Wisdom

To think is not beautiful, to think is relevatory,
what is beautiful is to feel – even with all the pain,
as there are no correct or incorrect answers, all those possible interpretations of possibilities...
It is like a dwelling
on the edge of a cliff
with a murmuring surf beneath;
a question
whether I fall or fly, rise or climb, walk or stumble, speak or silence with thoughts.
And who is the sage, a treasure trove of wisdom – not that of nonsense,
who is the real, genuine bearer of the truth?
I was a child, and who will be a child of mine?
I was a thought, and who will be a thought of mine?
I was a trembling feeling, a flitting shadow, and who was it whose imprint was left in me?
And whom will I imprint myself in?
In a mozaic of correlations
all is intertwined, united we stand – strangers or not,
or else all falls apart.
There is no need to say anything to one another, we can just stand by and look on inactively 
but still all will flow on – it is irreversible, unstoppable, indestructible – 
like time, an eternal thought...
Whence does the source of that power spring? At what does it aim?
What role do we play?
Who are we?
Who am I?

III. A Treasure Trove of Wisdom © Ladanseuse
Trans. "Pokladnice moudrosti", written on 7. 4. 2006

II. The Heart of Dreams Captured by Time

And the heart that is beating in my material body
is not the heart that you should desire.
You foolish thing, what is it? My Child and Glittering Joy (You).
I know you world even though you are unknown.
I have walked ways of a lurking fear,
I have wandered through the dark, the channel of pain,
How futile is disillusion!
I fumble, I despair... I float in the universe, in the endlessness of dreams...
Whole, fulfilled, beautiful -- I would like to be.
All is like a thought, far away, in silence.
My only link to this world is my existence – nothing more.
If I disappear, so does the world, so does everything.
The essence must be found in other spheres.
How many dimensions are there?
And what is time  
when it has neither beginning nor end, being ceaseless, aimless, out of nowhere, 
and still it brings things in to carry them away, being a keeper as well as a killer?
But is time that powerful, really, that eternal master,
or is within the power of man to make a choice and say: Moment, stay, stay forever; love, do not die?!

II. The Heart of Dreams Captured by Time © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Srdce snů v zajetí času", written on 7. 4. 2006

I. A Riddle

What is fragile like glass within but hard like stone without?
What runs like time in rapid succession but is motionless and intangible like air?
What is full of riches amidst a void?
Like raised dust... feelings circle in a spiral... and in the ocean of one's eyes lies a thirsty desert.
Rain falls up in time waves, in a flow of souls.
On the stones of our cathedrals eternity has settled, as have all traces of life.
On the threshold of our worlds
have a drink of wine, you sage who want to sleep;
daydream, observe the magic of connection and birth and liberty and being;
in a cobweb of words, in a mozaic of colors... seek... my laugh.
And my Self is omnipresent -- and yet nowhere.
Where is my home, the womb of my love,
how far do shores of the ocean of soul reach?

I. A Riddle © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Hádanka", written on 7. 4. 2006

27 April, 2021

The Alluring Wilds

I am allured by the wilds,
open plains, unending shores,
for it is in the absence of man
when you understand
the meaning –
you touch the universe,
get lost amid the shine of stars.

There you will see
how tiny you are,
and there you will grasp
that you are neither alone nor empty 
it lies not in the fullness of the world that surrounds you,
it is you yourself,
the whole world is within you.

You can walk all the ways,
and yet make no finds 
your searches are your roads
and your perseverance is your longing;
your surround is a world build upon thoughts
and you are the creator.

And who am I, who are you? I am, you are...
a drop in the ocean of life...

The Alluring Wilds © Ladanseuse

24 April, 2021

The Ghostlike World in Cobwebs of Life

 So arise,
darkness shan't swallow you –
if darkness is a far cry from you;
and light shan't blind you, neither shall the sun scorch you 
if you are the glowing shine of the sun.

In the ghostlike world
your dreams are being woven in cobwebs of life 
no, these are no air castles,
this is a faceless stone;
those burning sands know no feeling,
even if washed away by rain,
even if blown away by the wind
– but you, you are a life!

And if you are a life, why are you silent?
In the blind world of fumbling hands 
a gem in the dunes,
a temple hidden in the depths
– with no trace of existence
drowning in its sleep;
you have been engraved by eternity, prophet 
and yet you are not,
you do not exist,
you are but a dream, 
a dream of mornings, a dream of nights...

Who are you? Where are you?
When you are, and yet you are not...

The Ghostlike World in Cobwebs of Life © Ladanseuse

A Miniscule Fraction of the All-embracing Universe

 I am just a miniscule fraction 
of the all-embracing universe,
I am but the dust
in the ever-changing cosmos;

I will fade away in a second
like an ephemeral scenery.

All that I touch disappears,
all that I love creates my fears;
I am speechless when in urge to talk,
I stumble when in need to walk.

It is very like me
to cry
when I shall part
with what I've adopted,
the fragment that is mine.

In the kingdom of my creation,
how can I be a victim
when I respect no restraint,
if not that of my own humble self?

A Miniscule Fraction of the All-embracing Universe © Ladanseuse

23 April, 2021

Mystery or Misery?

 I weep with a smile
and rejoice with a weep
like a child never born
in the dark shine of the sun,
as if there was life after death
and death was the moment of birth.

I feel...
a touch that warms me not;
a smile that hurts;
the sun drenched by the rain
in a mine field.

like a butterfly dancing on the water surface,
like a writhing viper –
all will perish one day...

Only time, in which the soul is expanding,
only the soul fulfilled with love
shall not vanish by death.

Is this all mystery or misery?

Mystery or Misery? © Ladanseuse


a mystery for the living,
a longing for the dying,
and nothing any longer for the gone.

Life  © Ladanseuse
Trans. "Život"

20 April, 2021

Emotional Captors

  The tones of music in torrents of tears,
delight cried-out,
bottled melancholy...

They cannot dance
but trample,
the eyes
that fail to smile.

The grin of a killer,
the translucent body
veiled in an endless gown...

Confined, they desire me,
in the heart of my loneliness,
with all ways blocked,
with my light extinguished
for it to darken
into nothingness.

Emotional Captors © Ladanseuse

19 April, 2021

The Thousandth Finality

Each fresh start
is like
a step back on the road to nowhere,
 dozens of new lives in the landscape of the unknown,
treading water for ever and ever,
a cosmic marathon.
Such is the insanity of a beginning
that has always been the end.

The Thousandth Finality © Ladanseuse

Snippets of Words

Just snippets of words on a shred of paper
scrunched into a roll,
just snippets of words expressed, 
nonsensically whirling in the air,
just snippets of words and a sleepy heart,
just snippets of words and hands groping in emptiness,–
only the soul will never perish
even if it is silent.

Snippets of words © Ladanseuse
Transl. Slovíčka

18 April, 2021

You Are...

You are...
just a thought,
a hardly perceptible touch;
hope in endless horizons of worlds;
the present time aflame, darkening;
a sense that escapes me. 

Even then I feel
my wound is deep
as I, confused,
come and go fleeing.

Are you or are you not here?
What do you matter?
What do you say when you have nothing to say?
You are so close, even if so faraway.
And the path seems one of thorns...

So, sometimes, suddenly,
in the entirety of a moment
I dance in a gratifying warmth,
but life catches up with me
and ties me up and discards me...

You Are... © Ladanseuse
Transl. Ty jsi...

17 April, 2021

Timeless Visions

 Without a vision of time
there is no tomorrow,
for eyes are blinded by the sun.

Without hope
there is no way to go on,
for you're buried in the ground.

Your possessions are grains of sand,
for every step you take leads to darkness.

Motionless, speechless, so empty that
you can't cry out;
in boundless horizons your mind is gone;
a constant whisper's surronded you;
in an unreachable deepness of life
you're passing out.

Timeless Visions ©Ladanseuse

16 April, 2021

The Power of Unshackledness

 For long do I seek my path...
the solid ground...
the moment when I am welcomed by the known,
when I am smiled at by a sunlit dawn.

What sense does the short-live make,
that which slips down the surface —
like a thought having flown through the mind at the speed of light,
like a momentary joy or pain, felt with no deeper imprints?

higher objectives in the depth of infinity,
that which fulfills and exceeds me...
The only power lies in unshackledness —
as it alone can open doors to any challange of the world!

And so...
I went 
and danced 
into the groove of sunlight.

The Power of Unshackledness © Ladanseuse

15 April, 2021


I fear void,
the arrest in one dimension and time.
I fear the darkness of the soul;
a smile that gets frozen;
memories that never end;
demons that do not part at dawn.
I fear that
which goes in circles,
which reverses,
which vanishes without a stop —
I do not
a fall
as I am not on the rise — I aim at growth!

Fearfulness  © Ladanseuse
Transl. Bázeň

13 April, 2021

I, Enigma

I am...
standing still in my screaming existence 
like a cry arrested in time and calm passing in a flash of light;
burning like the sands but still on the outside
like waving flames in a cool embrace;
veiled in the distance, my raining eyes are loud.

I am...
lightsome in blinding brightness,
but still in the dark, wishing may there be a book of life;
stagnant in dreams, unsinkable, floating in reality.

I, Enigma © Ladanseuse

The River of Fire

The choice lies in my hands
and the universe observes
as it streches before me
in the ocean of liberty.

 The blessed rain
washes my fear away
as I open my arms to uncertainty
in the riches of earthly possibilities.

On my way to the light
even playful little flames can burn me
if I extend my hand too far.

At a place where
my path intersects with another one
I must stop
to perceive its line and outreach.

My step toward the light
may be
a fall into the dark
for my counterpart.

Stiff and speechless, I perish
with a smiley contentment of those
whose gaze is freezing-cold.

My path of growth is wounding,
and yet it is the principle of life;
an urge that cannot be ignored,
just as I cannot stop respiring.

I am a harbinger of
fire originating from water
which then changes into dust
and out of dust a new life springs...

The River of Fire © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Řeka ohně"

The Wild of the Heart

Pain's been stabbing me in the flow of time;
in floods of endless sadness I am drowned;
the pain makes me grow but out of it no bloom will come.

I am asssailed by fatigue – how could I tranquilize
the wild of the heart?
Chaos, ambivalence, the gushing blood of time,
bubbles of life, a lone soul, and eyes drawn to water...

Dreams have ended up underfoot, lying in the dust.
Thoughts have deluged my mind,
dashing away, never to return.

My heart is expanding, blazing with colors,
and that gem shines, shines  it is blinding,
your smile, your smile, your smile...

The Wild of the Heart © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Divočina nitra"

12 April, 2021

A Lament

Kindred spirit,
in the eternity of ages
I weep at the grave of emptiness.

A Lament © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Žalozpěv"

Missing Beauty

 And that beauty I am enveloped by cries,
in a bottomless weakness I cannot be myself,
when the beauty has gone –
how can exist the I?

Missing Beauty © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Zmizelá krása"

Inner Struggle

To leave my life and dive into the surroundings,
in the magical ocean of my heart
tell my feelings: You are, be,
I cannot lie myself out of verity,
destroy me –  I am not alive, anyway.

Inner Struggle  © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Vnitřní boj"

A Stellar Alabaster Flight

It would make one smile
as I feel around,
in an earthly whirl,
as I weave my way
through planes of existence
in a stellar alabaster flight.

A Stellar Alabaster Flight  © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Hvězdný běloskvoucí let"


It is mightier than I am, that mysterious power
which says: Come nearer! –  when I am but a by-stander;
which whispers: Who are you? –  when I just exist –  You are not!
and, in its seeming unreachability,
it abides.

Captivation © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Poutavost"

11 April, 2021

Cupid's Arrow

 All's vanished into the emptiness of thousands;
Life's stood still in the disquiet of moons.
How do I wash away that which has afflicted me,
that which has encompassed me so unhappily?

Cupid''s Arrow © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Amorův šíp"

Dance of the Heart

In the universe of sounds my heart feels dancey;
it is beyond bounds of possibility,
to be dispersed in colorfulness where the aura is dark,
for I am seized by fright
in the absence of smiling eyes.

Dance of the Heart © Ladanseuse 
Transl. "Tanec srdce"


 It is not I, it is the world itself
as it, unknown, floats by me.
And I am beset, beset, beset
by that helplessness -- I am thirsty for droplets.

Unreachability ©Ladanseuse
Transl. "Nedosažitelnost"

10 April, 2021

The Voice of Silence

Silence is a breeding ground for my thoughts
that have turned into words;
I am painting upon the wall of silence as if 'twas a canvas;
my steps have covered an empty dancing hall.

The silence of inner peace sounds like a babbling brook, rustling leaves, a foaming flow;
the silence of war rages within like a silenced scream.

Not always is it words that speak:
here waves a dance, throbs a drum, beats a heart;
here appear footprints on a wavy sand or a palm imprint on steamy glass;
there ignited an inner fire through the connection of our eyes...

Listen to the whole world speaking without uttering a sound!

If you desire different answers, you have to pose different questions.

The Voice of Silence © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Hlas ticha"

09 April, 2021

Angels of Light And Dark

They are the same, even if the opposites,
connected in their duality,
like two sides of the same coin,
the two extremes of the identical energy,
the sun and the moon,
a day and a night,
a dove and a raven,
love and hate,
the loveliest and the cruelest –
what is on one side
is equally reflected on the other side:
How else could an angel ever have fallen from grace?

Angels of Light And Dark © Ladanseuse

The Painter of Light

To be the painter of light, the child of infinity
in joy, in goodness, in hope for happiness;
not to bow one's head and seek out other eyes;
to be a ray of light that wildly spins around.

The Painter of Light © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Malíř světla"

The Gift of Self

To break away –  from oneself and all sham,
humbly to look at the break of day...
The word has it that I am nought;
give yourself away, give –  and you can be sublimed.

The Gift of Self  ©Ladanseuse
Transl. "Sebedar"


Just to stop, beside myself, amid  miracles of creation;
to realize that I am but a fleeting shadow.
The dust of roads will give no indication
of ever having been raised  in my quick stride,
in ideas that befit me not.

Oblivion © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Zapomnění"


My thoughts got frozen in flight,
vestiges abound,, 
around me a cobweb of dreams has been wound.
 From without I enter the scene,
the void in which they shall be eternalized.

Eternalization © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Zvěčnění"

08 April, 2021


He who is wreathed in ache, glum, shadows,
whichever inner secret is the one bearer of?
Eyes are averted, no-one draws nearer —
not to inquire, but to bring ease...

Empathy ©Ladanseuse
Transl. "Vcítění"


Too distant
is... the world I yearn to embrace.
And then...
like a notion in the flow of days
it is everywhere, haunting me like an apparition.
It is all:
How do I escape?

Omnipresence ©Ladanseuse
Transl. "Všudypřítomnost"

07 April, 2021

The Dream of Love

 In the immense peace of the universe
in faith in the power of dreams
I have closed my eyes to the reality
to love I intrinsically cling.

The Dream of Love © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Sen lásky"


 One is held captive ‒
in oneself, dwelling in one's unfulfillment;
until one opens up ‒
no other world can start.

And the pure, living, authentic
that was a wonder split second of magic,
a shy tenderness, fragments of eternity
has changed into
shapeless reminiscences of the universe.

Now one conjures it, calling it ‒
one yearns to become it again, one longs to be living it again ‒
it feels like breathing.

All else is like rotting
in the embrace of death.

Connection © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Spojení"

My Enigmatic Existence

I keep on walking in the dark of night,
weeping silently under a canopy of stars;
what a waste, the gushing blood of time,
void is lain beneath my feet on the ground.

It is in my power, I frantically fumble around,
drawing shadows, fleeing with an echo far away;
and dreams end in the dust on my way;
the heart beats enveloped in the dark.

Sad is a closeness lost in the distance,
the soul has gone crazy in an emotional war;
the illusion of words about infinity is gone,
there remains but the music of a resonating life.

I dwell in a temple built upon thoughts,
my etheric inner world is ungraspable;
not all that I capture is shiny though:
currents of pain, heat of the heart, weary woes.

That eternal child of other worlds
in the luminiscence of enigmas abound
of delicately bare ideas in flight.

To be everybody's? Not even my own.
To be everywhere? Not even here.
To be always? Not even now.
And still be...

My Enigmatic Existence © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Mé tajuplné bytí"

A Lost Soul

You won't wash away
my shame of wrath ‒
you will just blow up a flame.

You will just purify
my eroded bones;
though you kiss me all over,
you won't unite
what was cut off.

You won't bring back
what was vital in me;
will quench my thirst. 

By spring I will come into flower,
by summer I will boil, 
I will dissolve in the colors of fall,
in the twilight of winter I will be gone.

A Lost Soul © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Ztracená duše"

A Dark Dawn

 The sun ignited in the morn
for a life without dawn;
so many eyes that laughed
in the undying whirl of light.

On the shores of a tearful ocean
a flock of birds in frantic motion,
silver like stardust,
in the orbit around the sun.

The eye of the day danced with clouds
to be silenced by birdy cries;
and the dusk tore light apart
in a vicious circle
of the mind's ups
and downs...

A Dark Dawn © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Temný úsvit"

The Miracle of Life

I am facing the gates of cognizance
hidden in the ocean of stars;
in the might with which the world is entwined
in webs of a thousand paths.

Something within me is expanding
as the world around embraces me,
and then it vanishes, ebbing and flowing,
into strange visions transforming
in a sea of white horses.

It is a scent,
a broken heart,
colorful poetry,
a canvas full of life,
the scorching sun under the vault of a rainy sky.

is --
the miracle of being
in continuity.

The Miracle of Life ©Ladanseuse
Transl. "Živoucí zázrak"

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