24 April, 2021

The Ghostlike World in Cobwebs of Life

 So arise,
darkness shan't swallow you –
if darkness is a far cry from you;
and light shan't blind you, neither shall the sun scorch you 
if you are the glowing shine of the sun.

In the ghostlike world
your dreams are being woven in cobwebs of life 
no, these are no air castles,
this is a faceless stone;
those burning sands know no feeling,
even if washed away by rain,
even if blown away by the wind
– but you, you are a life!

And if you are a life, why are you silent?
In the blind world of fumbling hands 
a gem in the dunes,
a temple hidden in the depths
– with no trace of existence
drowning in its sleep;
you have been engraved by eternity, prophet 
and yet you are not,
you do not exist,
you are but a dream, 
a dream of mornings, a dream of nights...

Who are you? Where are you?
When you are, and yet you are not...

The Ghostlike World in Cobwebs of Life © Ladanseuse

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