13 April, 2021

The Wild of the Heart

Pain's been stabbing me in the flow of time;
in floods of endless sadness I am drowned;
the pain makes me grow but out of it no bloom will come.

I am asssailed by fatigue – how could I tranquilize
the wild of the heart?
Chaos, ambivalence, the gushing blood of time,
bubbles of life, a lone soul, and eyes drawn to water...

Dreams have ended up underfoot, lying in the dust.
Thoughts have deluged my mind,
dashing away, never to return.

My heart is expanding, blazing with colors,
and that gem shines, shines  it is blinding,
your smile, your smile, your smile...

The Wild of the Heart © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Divočina nitra"

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