13 April, 2021

The River of Fire

The choice lies in my hands
and the universe observes
as it streches before me
in the ocean of liberty.

 The blessed rain
washes my fear away
as I open my arms to uncertainty
in the riches of earthly possibilities.

On my way to the light
even playful little flames can burn me
if I extend my hand too far.

At a place where
my path intersects with another one
I must stop
to perceive its line and outreach.

My step toward the light
may be
a fall into the dark
for my counterpart.

Stiff and speechless, I perish
with a smiley contentment of those
whose gaze is freezing-cold.

My path of growth is wounding,
and yet it is the principle of life;
an urge that cannot be ignored,
just as I cannot stop respiring.

I am a harbinger of
fire originating from water
which then changes into dust
and out of dust a new life springs...

The River of Fire © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Řeka ohně"

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