30 April, 2021

IV. Lovely Angel of Mine

Lovely angel of mine, wake up from a dream,
gain wisdom before going to sleep;
you fiery flame, you sandy imprint, you are a little mystery yourself...
You are a creator, you are a creator, you are a creator!
Play it, sing it, paint it, dance it, engrave it in stone
– win the race 
little angel, you will stay forever,
forever you will be mine.
Never will I tie you down, don't you ever tie me down.
And I feel love, knowing that you understand me.
As I stand, I feel; I feel that you are... far away – but you cannot be nearer.
What is space? 
We cannot be bound, imprisoned and stopped. 
We are free to go...
But I will return, I will always return,
unable to tear myself away from my fragment, my part,
not in my life  and what comes afterward?

Lovely Angel of Mine © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Krásný můj anděli", written on 7. 4. 2006

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