27 April, 2021

The Alluring Wilds

I am allured by the wilds,
open plains, unending shores,
for it is in the absence of man
when you understand
the meaning –
you touch the universe,
get lost amid the shine of stars.

There you will see
how tiny you are,
and there you will grasp
that you are neither alone nor empty 
it lies not in the fullness of the world that surrounds you,
it is you yourself,
the whole world is within you.

You can walk all the ways,
and yet make no finds 
your searches are your roads
and your perseverance is your longing;
your surround is a world build upon thoughts
and you are the creator.

And who am I, who are you? I am, you are...
a drop in the ocean of life...

The Alluring Wilds © Ladanseuse

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