26 January, 2023


 Home is found
where my heart pounds;
and all that's settled in my bosom
is at home.
Albeit in an altered attire,
even with a change of scenery,
or if the sea of time passes by,
the same heart throbs at the core.
The eternal essence in a changeable form,
wine will be wine,
be it in this or that flagon,
retaining its sweetness.
Constant © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Konstanta"

23 January, 2023

Amber Butterfly

 I'm not a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis,
but a Monarch ensnared in amber resin;
a butterfly that's to have spread its wings,
risen up to the welkin longingly,
but got lodged in a golden dream.
Laid to rest eternally in a warming womb,
it tastes like honey, soft to touch it is,
turned to tinder by a spark easily,
eternalized in its beauty,
with its wings concealed.
Captive to amber,
like a stone within a stone,
in a motionless slumber
lies a tiny butterflied form,
its spirit
permeated by eternity,
dwelling in luminosity.
A flutter of butterfly wings
in flickering flashes of light
through the smoothness of glassy facets
is seen by the one
who's a fate-stricken star-gazer
with metamorphic visions.
Amber Butterfly © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Jantarový motýl" dated 23. 1. 2023, 
based on the Czech concept of 1. 11. 2O22 finalized on 23. 1. 2023

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