14 November, 2021

Carpe diem II.

The present moment
is lying in your hand
like a gem ‒

do not let it go:
only it is breathful,
malleable, emotional, zestful;

only into it life can be breathed
before it has swiftly gone
and become a memory engraved in stone;

it whispers: Here and now is where and when I dwell,
reach for me FULL of love,
present your being in art with an open heart,
hear out my "carpe diem"!

For any "next" you wait not,
for what is behind the door is unknown,
a story to be told,
another moment may as well be "never more".

Carpe diem II. © Ladanseuse
Written bilingually, in Czech "Carpe Diem", on 14. 11. 2021

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