30 April, 2021

II. The Heart of Dreams Captured by Time

And the heart that is beating in my material body
is not the heart that you should desire.
You foolish thing, what is it? My Child and Glittering Joy (You).
I know you world even though you are unknown.
I have walked ways of a lurking fear,
I have wandered through the dark, the channel of pain,
How futile is disillusion!
I fumble, I despair... I float in the universe, in the endlessness of dreams...
Whole, fulfilled, beautiful -- I would like to be.
All is like a thought, far away, in silence.
My only link to this world is my existence – nothing more.
If I disappear, so does the world, so does everything.
The essence must be found in other spheres.
How many dimensions are there?
And what is time  
when it has neither beginning nor end, being ceaseless, aimless, out of nowhere, 
and still it brings things in to carry them away, being a keeper as well as a killer?
But is time that powerful, really, that eternal master,
or is within the power of man to make a choice and say: Moment, stay, stay forever; love, do not die?!

II. The Heart of Dreams Captured by Time © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Srdce sn┼» v zajet├ş ─Źasu", written on 7. 4. 2006

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