10 April, 2021

The Voice of Silence

Silence is a breeding ground for my thoughts
that have turned into words;
I am painting upon the wall of silence as if 'twas a canvas;
my steps have covered an empty dancing hall.

The silence of inner peace sounds like a babbling brook, rustling leaves, a foaming flow;
the silence of war rages within like a silenced scream.

Not always is it words that speak:
here waves a dance, throbs a drum, beats a heart;
here appear footprints on a wavy sand or a palm imprint on steamy glass;
there ignited an inner fire through the connection of our eyes...

Listen to the whole world speaking without uttering a sound!

If you desire different answers, you have to pose different questions.

The Voice of Silence © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Hlas ticha"

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