30 April, 2021

I. A Riddle

What is fragile like glass within but hard like stone without?
What runs like time in rapid succession but is motionless and intangible like air?
What is full of riches amidst a void?
Like raised dust... feelings circle in a spiral... and in the ocean of one's eyes lies a thirsty desert.
Rain falls up in time waves, in a flow of souls.
On the stones of our cathedrals eternity has settled, as have all traces of life.
On the threshold of our worlds
have a drink of wine, you sage who want to sleep;
daydream, observe the magic of connection and birth and liberty and being;
in a cobweb of words, in a mozaic of colors... seek... my laugh.
And my Self is omnipresent -- and yet nowhere.
Where is my home, the womb of my love,
how far do shores of the ocean of soul reach?

I. A Riddle © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Hádanka", written on 7. 4. 2006

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