19 November, 2023


As I traipse through the landscape of the Uknown,
feeling my way, not knowing where to go,
I am weighing my steps with care,
shivering with disquiet.

Whoever, whatever it is that is blocking my path,
there is a sense of cold, a sense of warmth;
contours are vanishing, noisy echoes filling the space.

I have been surrounded
by the expanse of Endlessness,
an expanse unbounded.

Fleeing is a touch;
my body has gone missing
and my soul has merged with Immensity.

Wayfinding © Ladanseuse

English translation of "Tápání" dated 19. 11. 2023,
based on the Czech concept, dated 21. 9. 2023, writ. during Authentic Movement at R. M.'s, edited and published on 17. 11. 2023

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