15 November, 2023

This Naked Lullaby

Aerated by a loving breath I am,–
feeling my soles rested upon a cushiony moss,
my soma afloat in a void,
a caressing, slightly cooling touch.

In your palms' bassinet my skin is being laid;
enclasped in safety I wish to dwell,
deliquesce in Immensity,
forever feeling Acceptance.

My heart
with melody resounds,
my soul
with peace is inspired.

this naked lullaby.

This Naked Lullaby © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Ukolébavka nahá" dated 15. 11. 2023,
based on the Czecch concept of 31. 5. 2023, writ. Tělesnění at R. M.'s,
edited, published on 15. 11. 2023

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