15 May, 2021

The Parallel Realms

 What is it like
to live between two realms,
to carry parallel dimensions in your heart,
to be here and there,
now and then at the same time?

What to do
about dreams that are shattered
by the godlessness of empty eyes,
in the misty presence
of all around?

Life is like 
a landscape:
It passes by;
you observe its changes,
its going low and high
until it vanishes 
with your traces.

Like a colorful kaleidoscope,
beads on a tread,
you cannot be
and escape from hours;
just go, you are like the wind,
but so are they!

And you are and were and will be –
These are the parallel realms:
then and now and thereafter–
only you remain who you are,
like a tree that stays a tree.

The Parallel Realms © Ladanseuse

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