22 May, 2021


The only way of stopping the perpetuity of pain and suffering is to stop it with you: to be magnanimous and take the blow(s), swallow the bitter pill, and forgive lest the hurt magnify. Only if peace is made within can peace be enjoyed without. One can transmute dark into light, bringing in more hope and love. Therein lies liberation for all concerned. Whence stems alchemical healing. This is the way of the cycle breaker; this is the path I wish to tread.,

The thing is that, many opt for an easy way out, or for personal comfort, if you will, but I believe that we should disregard the level of difficultness when choosing among options. What is easy is not always right but what is right is not always easy.. Personally, I have always headed down the road that I consider as right, even if it was hard—the one of thorns. and roses, as it were—, the one to be walked if I wish to get where I need to be on a spiritual plane: Whence things can be sublimed.

Nursing of grievances, whether they be real or imagined, and bearing of grudges will likely become the entrance into a dead end, particularly when the other party is impenitent and unresponsive, whereupon, ultimately, one will likely poison oneself with the negativity nurtured within (and even the righteousness of one's indignation does nothing to change that] rather than ever live to any kind of redress. There is an apposite Buddhist quotation that says something to the effect that, holding onto anger is like a foolish act of drinking poison with the expectation that the other person will be affected by it. In refraining from it, one peacifies oneself in what constitutes an act of self-love, a self-transcendent love that is like an outpouring of underground pellucid spring of water transformed into a life-giving lake..

Some believe in "an eye for an eye", mistaking it for justice when it is, quite frankly, but a revenge, and no matter how justified it may be or feel, it only perpetuates misery and lowers one to the level of those who hurt one. The bad cannot be banished by the bad – the good is to be given more space instead. The strong forgive, freeing both sides from the shackles of shame, and will not compromise their principles,, such as decency and loving kindness. This is not about morality, albeit nobility is contained within it – it is just that, the low road will not lead anyone to heaven. There is no good war and neither is there any bad peace, as the wise know indeed.

Magnanimity © Ladanseuse
Originally written in 2020, edited in 2021

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