05 May, 2021


 Like a flash of distinctness in sameness
there was an instant
at which a feeling mirrored in his glance
long, as if in a dark brushstroke,
and 'twas filled with unswerving sadness
floating towards me in a wave
'till my eyes ran away...

It's hard to say
if 'twas before or then,
he may have wanted
to utter more than
a silent greeting;
my mere "hello" and my eyes fleeing
let him, or made him, go away...

I tore one piece, 
a short spell of another kind,
out of one and the some mozaic
in search for a meaning;
I sensed his aura everywhere,
but still 'twas as if I wasn't even there...

Evanescence © Ladanseuse
Written on 29. 1. 2006

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