17 May, 2021


 You'd linger here, adrift like a thought in time;
your laugh, ignited in echoes, felt...
like the wind that blew away the wail.
You'd speak through the resonant spirit of a drum, 
shivering in the eyes
like a blaze of sentiment 
drowned in an unreachable depth.
You'd appear like a flitting shadow
in a remnant of prehistory,
materializing in figures infinite –
a bogus, still palpably real.
You'd come in hypnotic visions,
like obsessive flashes of light,
enchained by insanity
of stray souls in the dark.
You were embedded in omnipresence,
an inexplicable entity of a phantasmic kind,
immaterial, as if nonexistent,
and still entrenched in life.
You flared up, afloat among stars
in a sacred dimension beyond time
of the eternal conjuncture of instants.

Phantasma © Ladanseuse

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