25 May, 2021

The Inner Way

When it comes to sense and sensibility, what unwittingly pops up in my mind is a cartoon featuring an achy-breaky heart above which looms a reproachful brain with a caption, "I told you so," which is to suggest that the heart was "foolish" once again and came to harm because of not listening to the "wise" mind.. While some would swear by pragmatism, it just presents itself not as a way to deliverance;, but, rather, as a blank and unbreakable wall in front of which I stand as a street artist; while some put their faith in rationality, I dare ask doubtfully whether it is what truly drives most of human behavior...

I do not know why the mind tends to be so glorified when it causes us--or me--so much trouble! Engulfed with myriads of constant thoughts, producing masses of mental constructs oftentimes inconsistent with reality but still capable of hurting and spooking you! The mind can become an impediment when trying to intellectualize the impalpable, as it creates boundaries out of fear of infinity -- and your soul IS infinite. Nah, without controlling it and attaining inner peace, it is going to do you disservice. 'And you, as a thinker, ought to ask yourself whether you identify yourself with the mind, or whether the mind is part of you and yet an entity apart, which, in a broader sense, will lead you to the question of who you are...

The heart sees clearly what the mind is blind to. I believe in following my heart, for it always tells me the truth it is a bearer of. Ask your heart what your true longings are; it knows beyond all doubt, as, deep down, your heart and you have an understanding. Feelings--much as disturbing or overwhelming they can be--are messengers and should be received as such, as they come with a meaning and a reason behind it to be sought out.

We must do things from the heart to be truthful. Father Jaroslav M. Kašparů once observed that, we are to forgive from the heart, saying that the mind will always keep a record of grievances, whereas, a heartfelt forgiveness will make them weigh less heavily upon us, for "all life springs from the heart" - indeed, "when your mind stops, you live on; when your heart stops, you die". We must not look back though, as, to use a parable, "once you start plowing, you must not turn around", lest you destroy the field instead of plowing it up.

The heart will fix itself. It is your mind you need to worry about. Your heart already knows how to heal." said Nikita Gill. I find this very accurate, having felt for long the need to get out of my head, or, better put, to prevent my mind from controlling me, given all its obstructive clutter. To be fair, the mind still offers some answers on the mental plane, but there are things that cannot be tackled intellectually, especially the deeply emotive ones, not to the full, and it is the heart that is the emotional master worth following.

At times, it is better just to feel, to perceive, becoming a peaceful observer, embracing the situation, giving things and people space and freedom, sending the energy out into the universe while beseeching it to grant your wishes and yet giving in with all the faith you can muster in its all-embracing wisdom and innate goodness.. As if the answer lay in acceptance; as if letting go meant attracting. As the universe speaks, listen, go with its flow, if it is a free flow, as there is no gain in violence.

The mind is a control freak; it keeps knocking on the closed door. But it is the heart that holds the key. Look within it: The heart is a temple wherein all love dwells and whence love radiates into the world,. Open your heart! Love is the answer to all there is., says the starry-eyed romantic in me. And it is the soul that is said to resolve this unending dissonance between the two--the mind and the heart--, so let us embark on the soulful journey. Listen to your inner voice, not to the voice of others, as deep inside of you dwells the truth of your innermost desires. What makes you happy that you are alive? The answer lies within you, not in the outside world. Others cannot tell you, as they are not in your skin,. Divine guidance is not a thing apart - the universe permeates all.

I believe that, the Divinity speaks to us through the soul, which sheds light on the why the soul possesses wisdom that transcends us, providing you with inner guidance. The soul intuits things, knowing that cannot be known at a given point of time, even fortelling the destiny of your chosen path. It is reliable in that it knows even if there is no way of telling: no past experience, no outlook into the future. Thereupon, there is no better proof than seeing it happen, is there? And I have! The soul is a sage and a seer. Given that we are endowed with it, we may as well carry within us the answers we so desperately seek only if we gain access to this inner weatlh. Deep in my heart I know the way..

The Inner Way © Ladanseuse

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