04 May, 2021

The Temple of Bliss

 If I glimpse your way
surfing on a delicate warm wave;
if your face is charged with sweet content
in a smile that flashed, in our eyes that clashed 
all that coming from you far away,
the aura of yours ‒ oh, how it tastes!
Is it addressed to me?
Or, is this just a joyful, illusory, visionary instance
in which I luxuriate?

I've been gathering bits of this
to build an inner temple of bliss.
What if it's just a dream ‒ would I endure?
What if it's real ‒ would I be born anew?

What does this indicate?
I'll be patient to learn one day...

The Temple of Bliss © Ladanseuse
Written on 8. 12. 2005

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