16 May, 2021

Loving Traces

My soul flows multidirectionally,
who has deluded me into feeling forlorn?
With those past stories brought to light
that sweet kisses and caresses fill
but have fallen into oblivion...
These are the traces left by God
when sending me joy, pieces of heaven:
You, you, you and you...

Even if these are but words impressed onto paper,
thoughts having taken shape,
the mind will no longer entrap them, neither doom will befall them;
even if they are untouchable, neither do they fulfill emptiness,
still, they are alive,
just like memories are...
like a being with eyes full of love
that does not wait
for the dawn
as the clock strikes.

Loving Traces © Ladanseuse
Transl. "Láskyplné stopy", written ca 2003

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