03 June, 2024

The Dream That Came to Life

A fenestella comes open wide,
a surreal field of infinity
unfolds before my sight;
through it, I slip outside
to peregrinate over a wide plain...

Lo, a river! Meandering ahead of me, it allures;
my inner voice speaks up, urging me:
Walk alongside it!
Thou behold? The remote glow – follow it!

And so I undulate, flow with the river
wherever it carries me,
here and there, I hit a crag,
I disperse in fluidity in all possible directions –
'till these advances poured into a confluence remain in union...

In peace do I bide,
in sunshine am I drowned,
like a girlie in a craddle lulled,
 rocked on the wavelets of a foamy calm.

The grail is near at hand,
glistering in my palms like a gem,
so now I can fall into a placid slumber
and dream...
the dream that's come to life!

The Dream That Came to Life © Ladanseuse
English translation of "Sen, jenž stal se životem" dated 3. 6. 2024,
based on the Czech concept written during AM at RM's on 14. 3. 2024, edited & published on 2. 6. 2024

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