08 May, 2024

The Glow of My Soul

In one spot do I abide,
unaware of where a path of mine is to be found;
in my way a wall of silence stands...
with the scales unbalanced,
I long for a dreamlike harmony.

I unite my heart with Universum
so as to weld the disconnected,
so as star dust rises to form one loop;
gravitating toward a luminous aureole,
I thrust my soul into the arms of a glow.

Conceived by the feeling of interconnectedness,
the circulation of annular infinity, I am;
in a warming bath
my heart expands,
my heart is filled.

My soul,
in a bond of lights,
it glows.

The Glow of My Soul  © Ladanseuse
English translation of Záře duše mé dated 8. 5.2024,
based on the Czech concept, writ. during Authentic Movement at R. M.'s on 2. 11. 2023, edited on 5. 5. 2024 & published on 6. 5. 2024

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