26 May, 2024

Inner depths

I am within, 
trembling, having gotten in,
the heart which expands, glows and shines;
with my hair like radicles,
intertwined in the Earth's nucleus,
curled up in a ball of wool,
I withdraw into a sanctum.

Via feel  'n' warmth,
bewildered, I transmogrify
into an expansive twine
in the merge of twin lines.

My heart,
a gift I give,
in palms conjoined;
in a whirly chafe
I am outstretched;
in unity
warmness ignites.

Like a planet
I spin round the Sun
in the orbit of conjunction;
feeling dizzy,
in the unknown
I find myself, caught unawares.

my domicile I identify;
from within 
opening wide,
my kindred spirit
I carry inside,
caressing it inwardly.

Inner Depths © Ladanseuse
English translation of Niterné hlubiny dated 26. 5. 2024,
based on the Czech concept written on 9.11.23 & published on 9. 5. 2024

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