25 July, 2021

The Infinite in Us

I once dreamt of strolling a landscape the beauties of which fascinated me and excited my longing to capture them, but their greatness frustrated my efforts to do so and so they slipped away, making me feel so hollow... 

I felt that it was the depth of my sensitivity, perceptiveness, and focus that would determine my ability to recall that which had passed, but which I longed for to endure unchanged, to immortalize – to reclaim the lost from the abyss of time and animate it.

It is as if all vital energy sprang from the onflowing moments. There is the preciousness of things that we hold dear but that will never recur, if only in dreams. The full grasp of the present moment will do for the wisdom of infinity, so let us enjoy each gulp of the wine of life to the fullest.

The Infinite in Us © Ladanseuse

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