11 July, 2021

Hidden Riches

 I would love to be wise enough 
not to dwell on things of no apparent avail
              if it were not for the secret essence of the immense dark—
the dark of intangible riches of the world,
in the midst of which I find myself with bare hands, 
in ceaseless hope of being awakened to the underlying haven of dreams becoming true.

I would love to be wise enough 
always to capture the meaning of a moment before it is gone,
since, my goodness,
it is something so passing and immaterial, and yet of essence,
for eternity must have started with a single instance,
for life is a succession of moments,
of which this one and only is the first step on a journey—
a journey the destination of which is destiny.

Hidden Riches © Ladanseuse

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