11 July, 2021

Dance in the Heart of Eternity

I am fascinated by a creative process, by that which inspires and incites the birth of a concept, endowing that dreamed-of, visionary brainchild with vitality so as to render it a tangible reality, or—as A. Huxley put itthe miracle of naked existence.
And here comes a vision, free and pliable, as though 'twas born out of shivers of moments, which are being shaped like the wind blowing sand into dunes and molded by invisible hands into the zenith of eternity, filling one with a feeling of tasting particular ingrediences of a meal the full flavor of which has yet to be known. And since all the incoming has been absorbed and accepted with openness and faith, the vision shall be fulfilled.
I am drawn to creative work, not only because of its esthetic qualities, but also because it fills me with joy of living. Any day that carries hope that I will succeed in creating or sharing something is a day worth living — only then, at dusk, when everything merges into silence, can I be fully aware that the day has not been fulfilled by time only, but that I have truly lived it, doing so in a meaningful way.
Dance in the Heart of Eternity © Ladanseuse

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