07 June, 2021

Body And Soul

Perusing the book of life,
they find out
a gaping gulf;
their bodies entangled,
their soul's breaking out.
Gazing downward,
they read palm lines
in which paths of their life are inscribed;
all human history's
swallowed up their past.

The moon is up in its glittery realm,
the night's veiled all in darkness,
and mist's effaced fingerprints from window panes.
And the taste of kisses and the bodily scent;
mornings that are empty, dismal, desolate;
wilted flowers;
eyes immersed in wine.

Hope is wrecked,
having submerged itself to the edge of senselessness
and vanished into pure whiteness.

Body And Soul © Ladanseuse
Transl. „Tělo a duše“, written in 1998, edited in 2021

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