30 March, 2022

The Dern of Thy Heart

I know which way leads to the human heart,
being familiar with the secret it holds... 
It is contained in the story of a gardener and his tree
that bears these tidings:
When the gardener dies, the tree grows on,
but when the tree dies, the gardener dies twice.
If you locate the tree
and protect it, nurture it, and foster its growth;
if you discover that you love the tree 
you actually love the gardener,
for it is part of him:
You love that into which he's put himself;
that which is dearest to his heart.,,
The Dern of Thy Heart © Ladanseuse
English translation "Taj srdce Tvého"
Undated original published on 30. 3. 2022 & last edited on 16. 1. 2023

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